“We obsess over detail… and treat your home like our own”

What We Do

We are a custom home builder with an eye for detail and a desire to take our customers’ ideas and turn them into realities. Although our primary business is building custom, high-end homes, we know the foundation for a lasting relationship is based on building trust with our customers.

We have been in the construction business for over 45 years and are proud to continue to expand and execute that experience building custom homes in Lubbock, Texas. Our focus is working with customers throughout the conceptual phase, partnering with them through the design phase, and then delivering a high-quality home that meets their family’s unique needs. Above all, our goal is to exceed expectations in quality and craftsmanship. It is truly what we do well, and we believe our passion for homebuilding comes through in our delivery at each step of the process.

We are members of the West Texas Home Builders Association, Texas Association of Home Builders, and the National Home Builders Association.  We are also licensed in both Texas and New Mexico. No project is too big or too small for us, and we love working with our customers to imagine what might be and then make it into a reality.

How We Do Business

From the very beginning design phase and throughout the entire construction process, our highest priority is making sure our customers have complete trust in us and in the process. We work with each customer to make sure each step of the process is enjoyable, informative, and satisfies their requirements.


Most of our customers come to us with a good concept of what they want. We also work with many customers who have completed the design with their architect and have been referred to us. Whether we create your design from scratch or work from completed construction documents, our job is to take ideas and create design solutions that not only fit the expressed need but also embody the vision that our customers bring to us for their homes.


Building a custom home has to be a partnership between the customer, the builder, and many times a team of design consultants that might include an architect, engineer, designer, and/or interior decorator. We want our customers to have a high level of control over the process while, at the same time, we look out for the details. In the end, after the tireless work of many skilled craftsmen along the way, we have the same goal: excellence in a product that completely fits your needs and lifestyle.

What Makes Us Different

We think what separates us from our competitors is the high value we place on the relationships with our customers and our strong desire to earn their trust. We know we need to earn that trust from the moment we first meet, before any plans are drawn up. If your desire as a customer is for a premier product and having a hand in the details along the way, we will take the time to earn your trust.

Our customers expect a high-quality result, and we are sticklers for the details. To that end, one of the principals of our company is personally on each job site, actively managing the project. We often point out details that our customers hadn’t considered along the way. It is our job to make all the details come together so that you can enjoy the process of creating your new home. Customer satisfaction is what drives our passion for construction.

Elsewhere in the custom-home industry, we have found that by the end of the building process, most people end up at odds with their builder. The process is long, and there are always inevitable bumps in the road.  After working through the ups and downs together, we take pride in the fact that the projects we work on result in lasting relationships with the homeowners. We work hard throughout the process to earn and keep your trust.

Our Founders

Cole Pofahl

With experience in finance, accounting, organization, and CAD/3D design, Cole’s diverse background is a great asset to the concept and design aspect of our business. His passion is making sure each customer has a positive experience throughout the entire process, and his primary motivation is doing the right thing no matter the circumstance. Cole organizes all aspects of the design phase and actively manages custom construction schedules for each job. Cole grew up in the construction business with his dad and came back to it because he wanted to do what he loves. The last 10 years, he has been building custom homes in Lubbock and enjoying it more with each project. Cole enjoys golfing (when he can!) and loves to sneak away when possible to enjoy the mountains with his wife Holli and two daughters, Cameron and Colby.

Jim Pofahl

Jim’s experience in the construction industry spans four decades and ranges from garage remodels in the very beginning to multi-million-dollar luxury hotel projects. This diverse background and Jim’s eye for detail are valuable assets to the company, and they allow us to take on many unique design and construction challenges. Jim manages all the subcontractors on-site, offers design insight, and is responsible for quality control. After a long career in commercial construction, Jim is happy to be in business with his son, building custom homes for customers who become friends for life. His lifetime of construction experience guarantees you a home of unsurpassed quality, masterful design, and superior craftsmanship.  Jim and his wife Barbara treasure spending time with their children and grandchildren, whether that means a quick trip down Quaker Avenue to be with Cole and his family in Lubbock or getting away to Atlanta, GA to be with their daughter, Kelsy, her husband, Frank, and their grandson and soon-to-be new granddaughter.